Anleolife Garden Focus: A Real Feedback From Our Happy Customer

Anleolife Garden Focus: A Real Feedback From Our Happy Customer

Tessie, our lovely happy customer, sent us a video to share her  joy immediately she received and set up her set of 2 round raised  garden beds. If you are interested in gardening and have a plan to purchase metal raised garden bed, her choice may be a good reference for you.


The following is what she said about the impressive metal raised garden bed: 

Hi, everybody. I'm Homestead Tessie. Today, I have a product review for all of you and that is this raised garden bed. It comes with a set of two of them. So, two of them are exactly alike. Let me show you this one. So, this is a round raised garden bed. I'm going to go ahead and have to fill it in,but I have my elderberry tree in the middle of it. So, I'm going to fill it in with dirt.I want to tell you this is a very heavy-duty raised garden bed and it's very simple and easy to install. It comes with its own tool but what makes it easy is because it has its very own wing nuts. So, all that you're doing is you're screwing in the wing nuts to the back of your screw. So simple and so easy. It took about one hour to put both of them together. It is very nice antique white so it has a beautiful galvanized antique white and I absolutely love this one. I love it that it's round and so you can put your dirt. You can put some compost in here. You can fill it up and it's perfect here for us on the homestead. It does come with a pair gloves and it comes with everything you need to assemble it other than the dirt. I absolutely love this raised garden bed because it is very very sturdy very strong and very well made.

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