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A loner raised garden bed will definitely bring more growing acreage and yield. This influncer takes us to see how she assembles and fills this super long bed for a happy gardening.

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12x3x1.5ft Oval White Raised Garden Bed

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So this year I'm trying to find alternatives to my raised pallet beds pallets are really heavy and they're not terribly beautiful if you're in town there's something that if you're in an HOA can make life a little difficult so this year I'm trying to find Alternatives that are retail that are easy that are easy to pick up and easy to put together this is the 12ft long anleolife metal raised bed and I have just filled it up with some cow manure some cardboard some wood chips and now some raised garden bed mix so far I'm really thrilled with this bed it has four reinforcements on the inside so that the bed can't bow out or collapse in as the mulch inside composts so the raised garden bed mix is a mix of wood chips wood chunks Pete Moss compost and a little bit of perlite. it's not a super high quality potting mix uh it doesn't do super well in in pots it has a tendency to be a little heavy for that but for outside and the elements I think it's going to work just fine and it's a lot cheaper than trying to use another kind of pre-made mix that comes in smaller bags you don't have to use wood chips you can use uh leaves you can use straw you can use uh one of the things I used was really uh mulchy heavy on straw cow manure from a local Dairy that was delivered and so pretty much.

You just need some good carbon lots of carbon and a small amount of some kind of nitrogen I like to use manure in at least one of my layers one of my bottom layers will be manure and that's cuz I want the bacteria I also put uh regular fertilizer beads in and the reason for that was in order for wood chips or any other kind of mulch to break down it needs nitrogen but I didn't want really fresh cure that close to the roots of my plants and so I just used a pelleted slow relase fertilizer in the top layer of wood chips so this is ready to go I don't know of any other company that has a 12T long bed and um I just varieties the spice of life so make sure to go check them out I will have a link in the description and thanks for checking in.

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For a rectangular raised garden bed measuring 6 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 1 foot in depth, you need approximately 26.4 cubic feet of soil after accounting for settling. For a circular bed with a diameter of 5 feet and the same depth, about 21.59 cubic feet of soil is required after adjusting for soil compaction.

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