The story began with...

ANLEOLIFE is a brand that embodies the dream of a low-carbon and healthy lifestyle. Our brand story began with a yearning for a better life and a passion for a low-carbon and healthy lifestyle.

We understand that nature is the foundation of all existence, and we should do our best to protect it and keep it full of vitality forever. Therefore, Anleolife dedicates to promoting a low-carbon lifestyle and encouraging more people to understand and participate in environmental protection.

Cut less & Plant more

According to statistics from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), billions of trees are cut down in the US every year.

If every household plants 10㎡of green plants, the US will increase approximately 120 million square meters of green space, equivalent to planting 9.5 million adult trees and reducing 66 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

Practicing green gardening leads to a better life and contributes to the planet and our own health.

We are the world.

ANLEOLIFE advocates for "Plant more, Cut less". We believe that even an every small action can bring our planet a big difference. Let's contribute our efforts to nature, together we can make a better world!

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