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We hope to grow with our passionate gardeners and support them to create a dreaming garden by launching the program of Anleolife Gardening Talent.

We are looking for gardening talents who are willing to share their marvelous journey of gardening by our products via video. Meanwhile, we are eager to build a community of talented gardeners who can contribute high-quality content to our website and social media channels.


Selected talents will receive the following benefits

  • A total $100-$500 reward of Anleolife garden bed kit based on the quantity & quality of the videos.
  • The opportunity to have your works on our website and social media channels, with a byline and bio.
  • Priority of using Anleolife new products in the future.


Extra incentives will be offered as follows

  • An additional $50 Anleolife Garden Gift Card for each video or post that receives over 10,000 page views on our social media channels.
  • The chance to be featured in our social media channels, reaching a wider audience.
  • The opportunity to create more extended features or series for our website, with increased compensation.

Program Process

If you have already purchased

If you have already purchased our metal raised garden beds, you can choose to send your exquisite videos about gardening life related to our products to us directly for Anleolife Gardening Talent.

If you are interested in

If you are interested in our garden beds and want to go for Anleolife Gardening Talent (No matter if you have already purchased our products or not), we will offer you a 10% discount for up to 2 metal raised garden beds at most for your purchase and first participation.

And then...

As you start to shoot your gardening journey videos and send them to us we will rebate you with the price(up to 90% at most)you have paid for (up to 2 beds at most) as reward by stage of your gardening journey videos fulfilment(20% rebate for First video/30% for Second/40% for Third). Of course you can choose to get new raised beds of equivalent value instead. Please refer to the below Guidelines & Terms For Your videos below.

Guidelines & Terms For Your Videos

Original content: All videos must be original and used only by Anleolife Garden exclusive of other brands. The content of the video must be closely relevant with gardening life and our products you are using.

Appointed topics: For applicants who get a new Anleolife garden bed the videos should at least cover 3 scenes including unboxing and installation of our garden beds/daily care or special event on planting/ final harvesting scenery or activity. (So 3 videos from you is the minimum request, but more videos are greatly welcomed.)

Length: A video is best between 2-5 minutes in length providing sufficient content on the topic being covered.

Crafted editing: High-quality videos related to the topic are encouraged and can help them to be selected on our website and social media channels as well as higher reward.

The videos sent to us are also required to be shared on the applicants’ own websites and social media channels.

To Apply for The Anleolife Gardening Talent, You May

E-mail your videos to us directly at (If you have already purchased our beds).
Or make a purchase on our website with a text message” I want to apply for the Anleolife Gardening Talent in the Order Special Instructions box of the purchasing page. we will offer the special discount for you and stay in touch with you.