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It is interesting for the creator to transplant a rose into Anleolife round raised garden bed. Someone appreciate it while some others hold that it is a waste or an industrial trash. Whatever it is, we just admire the courage to explore all kinds of possibilities in using a metal raised garden bed.

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4x1.5ft Round Grey Raised Garden Bed

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Let's get some roses in the ground so spring is coming around and we are very excited to just get some plants planted and Roses was our first pick we went to Home Depot and picked some up and in today's video we're going to be using Anleolife's raised beds so these are their circular two pack raised beds and we are so excited they're beautiful they come in gray and white we did choose the gray color it is so nice in our garden.

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What can be grown in a raised garden bed besides veggie and flowers?

Many gardeners love to use raised garden beds because it allows them to have more control over the soil quality, water amount and drainage and prevent soil compaction. It's easier to keep a garden organized.

But what if adding trees to metal raised garden beds?

Obviously, trees are a bit more complex than planting some tomatoes or an herb garden. Some people argue that it is killing practice to build raised beds around trees, which unfortunately leads to many dead trees. They hold negative opinions based on its fatal impact on root system.

Each tree has a few deep anchoring roots, but the vast majority spread parallel to the soil surface, in the top 18 inches or so of soil. That they occupy this area is no accident-tree roots need oxygen to survive and oxygen is readily available in the top 18 inches of soil. When soil is piled over a root system, it immediately puts the lower roots out of range of their oxygen source. Roots begin to die, starting the tree on a long slow decline and, eventually, to death.

It seems that raising trees in raised beds comes with some challenges, but if done in the right way with the right kind of trees planting trees in raised garden beds can be much beneficial. You just need to make the conditions right and leave the rest to nature.

First, growing your trees in raised garden beds enables you to overcome any natural limitations of your soil. In a raised bed, you can make the perfect soil mixture for whatever type of tree you are planting. Raised beds help keep the soil in place so that it doesn't wash away during flood or become too compacted by heavy equipment.

Another benefit of growing in a raised garden bed is that you can easily control the water supply. Raised beds allow for greater control over how much water each plant receives because you can measure out exactly how much water goes into each section based on its size compared with other sections around it. Since the area is raised, it's easier to reach and give your plants a good spray with the hose if you need to. They provide your trees with smooth drainage and water circulation, which will make sure that your trees stay healthy and strong throughout their life cycle. You can also fertilize and prune at any time without tilling up the soil.

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