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It's a most interesting comment that the lady describes this raised bed as the cutest one for the minimum size in Anleolife raised garden bed family. She was also impressed by how easy it is to put the bed together and how safe to touch the edge. Now let's take a look at how she commented on it.

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6x2x1.5ft Oval Grey Raised Garden Bed

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This is probably the cutest garden bed that I have so far I don't know it just looks like shiny and cute I like the color too so same process these garden beds they're like I said they're super easy to put together like anybody can put this together anybody. This is probably one of my favorite garden beds that we've gotten so far um I love the style of it it's super shiny also it's very very strong. As well um these ridges have like some type of material on them so literally when I rub my hand across I'm not cutting myself and I noticed some of the garden beds um either they will have something that you put over it or they're super sharp and they don't even have that at all so this one absolutely does it's super huge and I think it's a great buy I'm super excited to see what we grow in here I can't wait to share it with you guys so click the orange cart if you want to get yours and hit the follow button to stay tuned on our backyard gardening Journey.

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Why Anleolife raised garden bed doesn't hurt at the edges?

---Anleolife doesn't use edge adhesive strips---the approach to product design and manufacturing is distinct. Unlike some other methods that involve adhesive strips on the edges, Anleolife's process focuses on creating a seamless, integrated design, which prioritizes the durability and long-lasting quality of our products, eliminating the necessity for additional adhesive strips.

Do metal raised garden beds get too hot in summer or hot climates?

---Not at all! It's true, most metal will heat in the sun. But damp soil is a miraculous cooling agent for the hot metal. As a general rule, your vegetable garden or flower planter won't become too hot, especially if you're watering consistently.

Because metal can conduct some heat, the soil which is immediately against the sides of the raised bed may be warmer than the center of the bed. This is actually beneficial, especially in the spring. The soil in raised beds warms up more quickly than the ground does, enabling you to start that vegetable garden even earlier. Your young plants will appreciate the warmer soil on their roots!

In mild climates, a metal raised garden bed can help you to maintain a more consistent soil temperature year-round, provide good drainage of excess water, and more. The rigid, sturdy material will provide a good base for a cold frame over plants you're overwintering. And when using soaker hoses, these beds can maintain moisture extremely well.

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