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What else can you do with a raised garden bed besides planting. Here we have a kind father who came up with a creative idea---to transform the garden box into a sandbox. Let's see how he did and what he said.

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6x3x2ft Oval White Raised Garden Bed

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I'm so stoked to be able to get our garden set up right here now. We got these ones which I absolutely love, there's a bunch of different sizes but these ones that you're checking out right now to be able to give you kind of an idea as far as size these are the ones that are six feet long, two feet high, and then three feet wide. Now we got a two pack you can obviously there's so many different variations as far as sizes one or two pack or more like, they made it so easy, these things are very easy to set up, they're extremely durable so what's really nice about them is before you fill them up to move these things around it's so easy. They're nice and light very very easy and portable but once you fill them up because of how physics work it's going to push all that weight out with the corrugated steel extremely durable, these things are not going to go anywhere they're extremely stable. I also love the fact that they are high so if you live in a place where that might be a little bit windy and you want to be able to plant your you know crop or whatever that may be fruit vegetables a little bit lower, it'll protect from that wind which is really nice. I really really like them, they're very simple straight to the point. I like that they're white which is going to be nice to be able to deflect a lot of that heat so it's not going to just roasting in the sun, if you're in a place where it is really a hot very easy to put together and also if you ever needed to to be able to take it apart and then take it to your next home or other location if you needed to to be able to take it you know like kind of collaps down, you just unscrew the screws you can go in and out as many times as you want, as far as like putting putting these pieces on and off so it's not something that's just always stationary it's very simple. I love the fact that we're going to have two of these right here, have a bunch of things growing they did a great job. I absolutely love it. I hope you guys with whatever you guys are growing wherever you're at have a great time with these.

Let's talk about these garden beds and a hack that you could do, so we put ours like this and created a sandbox, cannot say enough good about it, as far as a parent, my kids playing this literally all the time absolutely love it holds in the sand really well, so a it can show you that it holds in the sand very well so if you are gardening like we got going on over, here there's two other garden boxes going on over there, but they work super super well to be able to hold everything in to be able to make sure stuff is not coming out, absolutely love it. It was a very simple install right it's just these getting everything put together, the panels put together, but works really well, they have different colors and different sizes to able to fit the needs that you have going on, can't say enough good about them but we did our hack over here on in creating into a sandbox but you can totally use them like normal for the sandboxes sorry not sandboxes the garden boxes that we have going on over there. garden beds hope you guys enjoy and have a great garden or a sandbox but wanted to show you guys that.

All right when you guys are looking into these raised garden beds, these things work so stinking well, I absolutely love them now, these are two different sizes I wanted to show you, one that we have over here in this impromptu parent hack that we did and I'm going to show you this one for an example of the garden so we had made this into a parent hack sandbox which I absolutely love my kids playing this all the time, but I want to to show you this that we have this about halfway full with sand and it's not leaking out if there's any you know stuff that's coming out, that's the kids being kids and throwing sand out but it works extremely well very solid. This galvanized steel is so stinking strong which is one thing that I just absolutely love about it, um I know that that they have sizes and colors but they're so easy to use they obviously work very well. When it comes to gardening which is super nice so you can use it in any way you want but that's just one of the ways that we did it wanted to kind of show you guys that hack that we had, but love them I know that there's like that rubber trim that you can put on top we did not do that, hope you guys enjoy.

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