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This cool guy is really a super nice reviewer. He shows us how to assemble the Anleolife raised bed in details, after which he also explains why he chooses the size and even the color advantage. Let's check it together now.

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8x4x2ft Oval White Raised Garden Bed

User's Words

Check out the size of this thing. I just put it together. It is so nice so well done I love it but I want to show you guys some Pro tips as far as putting it together. So how it works is you have screws on the outside and then on the inside you have these little twisty things right here, so how it works is this piece is going to obviously get sucked in with the screw but what I did is I put it just maybe two threads in and then I got an electric screwdriver. I started screwing on this side once this piece right here touches it you don't have to hold anymore you can literally just do this with your fingers while it's screwing in. Once it gets there you can let go and then once you screw it on this side. It's going to pull it in by itself because of the design so you don't have to like have two things being held it was very quick with an electric screwdriver you so it comes really small. You put it together doesn't take a long time now.

There's different sizes this is the bigger one, so if you want one that's a little bit skinnier and there's some reasons behind that. The reason is this one is the bigger one we're probably going to put it right here right,fill it up we're going to put the liner down that allows you to be able to walk on both sides, because this is so wide you have plants maybe on this side then plants on that side but say you don't have enough room for that and you want the smaller one that's a lot nicer, because then you can just do it from one side because this one's so big that if you had plants all the way on the other side. It's kind of hard to take care of them to water them so think about that before you buy it but the install is very nice.

I love the fact that they have white most of the time that you see these they're just like the galvanized steel just like the normal look of steel but I love the fact that it's white, because a lot of people might have these you know like depending on your house or your fence it just matches a lot better, also it reflects the heat a lot more more so then the plants on the inside don't get as hot they don't need as much water so it'll save you water as well, which is great but other than that love it they did a really good job on it very straightforward. It is so well built this is galvanized steel but then it's been powder coated with white it can hold a lot of weight, so itself is already very sturdy once you put more weight in that's pushing it out because of how physics work, it is going to be so sturdy not going anywhere, love it. I think you guys are going to love it too. Have a great time.

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