Annual Plants That Bloom All Summer

Annual Plants That Bloom All Summer

Keep in mind that continuous planting means planting every two to four weeks to keep the same flowers in the garden plot or container garden.

We compiled a selection list of annual flowers that bloom throughout the year.
Let these suggestions guide and help you create the ideal look of your house in the summer. Here is a list of annuals that will bloom at home throughout the summer.


Begonia tuberosa
Begonia nodosa is a bright flower, which adds a lot of beauty to the surrounding environment. The flowers are layered like roses, adding a classic look to your garden plot. However, we must plant these Begonia as soon as possible. In most cases, tubers should be planted in February, so the plants will start flowering in June and continue to fall.
These plants thrive in sun filtered areas and are ideal for adding color to the darker corners of the yard or terrace. Begonia tuberosa likes the sunshine in the morning and really needs well drained soil.

The daisy is hard to miss because of its beautiful layered flowers and bright color choices. If you need a way to light up the landscape in the yard, please do not neglect the daisy. These gorgeous flowers grow best in sunny areas. If they grow in a warm climate, they can bloom in some sunshine. In very warm areas, it is wise to provide afternoon shade for these flowers. Ensure that there is fertile soil and sufficient drainage at their growth location.
If proper care and growth conditions are provided, you can expect the daisy to bloom about two months after planting. This flower may need to be planted continuously to maintain continuous flowering from midsummer to September.

Changchun flower is the flower of hills, which can create dense leaves and small and colorful flowers. These flowers produce a simple and elegant appearance.
Therefore, if you want to keep the landscape in the traditional aspect, this may be a good choice for you. Changchun flower grows best in the sunny and well drained loam area. You should expect to see the flowers from the beginning of summer to the first autumn frost.

Sweet Alisum
Do you want to plant a flower that creates traditional leaves and small clusters of flowers? This may be the right plant for you. Sweet Sophora flavescens is a tolerant plant, because it can grow in a variety of soil types.
However, it is important to provide soil that is always wet and well drained. If enough conditions are provided, sweet alysum should blossom all summer. Some varieties are even frost resistant and will bloom in spring and autumn.

Gazelle Walleriana
There are many kinds of impala. This option is an original variety from Africa. It is used to make different variations of this flower. If you want to plant the original, please do not ignore this option, its small green leaves and colorful flowers.
This plant blooms from June to the first autumn frost, producing lavender, orange, white, pink and multi-color colors. Be sure to provide well drained soil and complete to partial shade for these flowers.

Dahlia has large flowers, with petals layered and inclined. If you need a beautiful flower, don't ignore this option, because it has blossomed for about four months.
However, you must provide sufficient growth conditions and care to see these flowers. Dahlia is fertilized with low nitrogen fertilizer once a month and thrives. They also need a sunny and direct growth position.


If you are looking for an annual plant that blooms throughout the summer, do not neglect sunflowers. They come in many sizes, varieties and colors. Whether you need traditional high sunflowers or things with darker colors and shorter stems, there are sunflowers suitable for you.
But it is essential that you provide what these flowers need in order to enjoy their beauty. Sunflowers need plenty of sunshine and loose and well drained soil. In addition, please ensure that there is enough space for flowers. If taken care of properly, sunflowers should bloom from summer to autumn. However, you must practice continuous planting of different varieties to enjoy long flowering.

Spider flower
Spider flowers grow at the end of thick stems and have many branches. These buds are the reason why flowers look like spiders.
If you are interested in planting a unique flower, please be sure to provide what this plant needs. Spider flowers grow best in sunny and well drained soil. They also bloom in the first frost from summer to autumn. These plants grow densely and usually become about a foot wide.

Pelargonium is an excellent plant for container gardens. They take on a more dense shape and produce small and colorful flowers, forming larger clusters.
If you are looking for traditional flowers in the market to illuminate your landscape or courtyard, geranium may be suitable for you. These flowers thrive in sunny and well drained soil. If proper conditions are provided, they bloom from spring to the first frost in autumn.


Moss Rose

Be sure to check this flower before planting, because it is not your traditional rose. Bryophytes produce thick flowers similar to marigolds. If you choose to add this flower to your landscape, be sure to provide sufficient sunlight and well drained soil for the growing area.
This kind of plant is tolerant of soil type, so as long as water can be discharged from the plant quickly, you don't need to worry about your soil. You can expect moss roses to bloom from summer to the first autumn frost. In addition, these factories need zero dead space.

Morning Glory
Morning glory is another good way to liven up your house in summer. These plants come in many varieties and colors. However, please ensure that the morning glory is given adequate care to prolong its flowering period.
These flowers work best when they grow in sunny and well drained soil. They need to wither regularly to encourage continuous flowering, but with proper care, they should bloom until the first autumn frost.

Agratum produces thin blue flowers, adding color and texture to the surrounding environment. These plants grow well in containers or when planted underground.

If you decide that this is the right plant for you, be sure to provide moist, well drained soil for the sunny growing place. If taken care of properly, you should expect to blossom from the end of spring to autumn.


Sweet Pea Rattan
Sweet pea vines produce distinctive, layered flowers of many colors. This is a good way to add color to your garden area.
However, you must take proper care of these flowers to obtain their full beauty. These flowers should bloom from spring to summer, as long as they grow in sunny, humid and well drained soil.

Do you prefer to create a natural appearance of wild flowers at home rather than smaller, more traditional flowers? If so, the universe may suit you.
The flowers range in height from two to five feet. They have colorful flowers at the end of their long stems. Cosmos grows best in sunny areas with well drained soil and controlled weeds. It is expected that the cosmos will blossom from early summer to the first frost in autumn.

Mandeville has different varieties. You can plant Mandeville grape types or shrub varieties. Either way, they are a great choice for summer because they like warm weather.

In addition, these flowers thrive in sufficient sunlight and well drained soil. It is expected that these plants will continue to bloom from the last part of spring until the first autumn frost.


Calibrachoas are also called millions of clocks. This gorgeous plant will produce many small cup shaped flowers of various colors. It is a good flower for containers, window frames or underground garden plots.
In addition, this plant is tolerant. It likes to grow in areas with moist soil, good drainage and rich nutrition. This plant also likes plenty of sunshine. However, it can also grow in some shady areas, and even endure a small drought. If you supply all the needs of these plants, it is expected that they will bloom throughout the summer.

I don't know about you, but I like to plant flowers with unique appearance at home. It provides a deterrent to attraction, but also encourages my house to stand out.
If you want a unique flower, don't ignore scaevola. These plants produce broad, brightly colored flowers. They grow best in sunny to partially sunny areas, and they like hot, dry climates. Scaevola should bloom from summer until the first frost in autumn.

Poppies come in various colors. They have bright outer flowers and dark centers. These flowers grow at the end of the long stem and are very suitable for flower beds or border plants.
When planting opium poppy, be sure to provide a place with sufficient sunlight and good soil drainage. You can expect poppies to bloom throughout the summer, but they really need to be planted continuously, because each rotation will only bloom for seven to fourteen days.

Angel Face Blue Angelonia
Angel Face Blue Angelonia is a beautiful plant with colorful flowers. This plant works well in large containers or window frames. You can also plant it in the field.

When you have prepared enough places for this flower to grow, please select a place with at least six hours of sunlight. This is why plants bloom in summer. When growing in an area with too much shadow, the plant will become slender and will not produce so many flowers.


Tagetes erecta
Marigold is another wonderful annual plant that blooms all summer. These plants have low maintenance costs and a variety of colors, which are very suitable for driving pests out of the garden.
When planting marigold, please choose a place with sufficient sunlight and good drainage. It doesn't need much besides watering the plants regularly. You should expect marigolds to bloom from summer until the frost comes in autumn.

New Guinea Gazelle
The new Pearl Gazelle offers the same bright colors, sweet flowers and green leaves that attract most gardeners to most species of Gazelle. This variety tends to be more tolerant to sunlight and less tolerant to drought.
So if you want these plants to bloom from spring to autumn, make sure you provide what they need. In some climates, they even bloom in winter. The New Guinea impala thrives in some sunny and well drained, continuously watered soils.

The five pointed star is a gorgeous plant, which can produce vigorous leaves and small and colorful flowers, forming a larger flower cluster. If you want to plant traditional but colorful flowers at home, please consider planting this option.

Be sure to provide a place to grow, with sufficient bright light and well drained soil. However, this plant is not special to the soil type. In addition, as long as the watering and fertilization are sufficient, the five pointed star will blossom throughout the summer.


Verbena officinalis

Verbena is another kind of flower, which can produce colorful flowers in clusters. If you like this look, verbena may be your best choice.
Make sure to provide sufficient sunlight, one inch of water per week and well drained soil for verbena. In return, you should expect these plants to bloom from spring to autumn.

There are many varieties in Celosia. Some grow in thin triangles and bloom in bright colors. Other breeds grow vertically, similar to colorful cat tails.
No matter which variety you choose, please ensure that the plants grow in sunny and well drained soil. In return, these plants should bloom from early summer to mid autumn.

Salvia miltiorrhiza
Salvia miltiorrhiza is another kind of flower with colorful vertical flowers. This plant accumulates and produces vibrant green leaves. The beautiful upright flowers standing in the leaves will certainly attract people's attention.

If you want to plant this flower, be sure to plant it in sunny and well drained soil. In return, salvia miltiorrhiza should blossom in shifts. It usually blooms in early summer. If the plant is cut off after it stops flowering, it should bloom again in autumn. You can also maintain flower formation by regularly pruning plants.
You now have 25 different choices for annual flowers that bloom throughout the summer. These choices have similar growth conditions and tend to produce a lot of color in summer.

Now it's your turn to get this information and create the look you like. Know which plants can provide suitable growth conditions and think you will like them best. Then start planting and create a gorgeous flower oasis around your home.

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