Anleolife Garden View: How to Build a Raised Garden Bed & Garden Boxes?

Anleolife Garden View: How to Build a Raised Garden Bed & Garden Boxes?

Are you planning to build a raised garden bed? Before starting the process, you need to know that it can take a chunk of your time and energy. It requires good precision and planning to ensure you get the best results.


     The steps to build a raised garden bed includes:
  • Find the perfect section of ground. You need to lay boards down on the four corners with the inner corners touching.
  • Use a hammer to fix them deep into the ground. For temporary support, you can use rebar at the center of the board.
  • If you plan on building a garden box, then you need to construct one from wood or metal based on the dimensions you have in mind.
  • After building the frame, you need to line its bottom with materials that can provide drainage. Some planters choose to line it with cardboard or newspaper and wet it thoroughly. Others use old bricks for drainage purposes. A mix of washed river stones and landscape pavers can also serve this purpose.
  • Next, you need to fill the frame with soil. Choose soil (an approx. composition containing 60% topsoil, 30% compost and 10% soilless growing mix known as potting) for better results. Fill it within a few inches of the top of the frame or box.
  • Now, place two inches of natural mulch on top of the soil. This is an important step that can prevent weeds from growing and helps retain moisture in the soil.
  • Choose plants wisely and plant the garden. You can plant herbs, pepper plants green beans, and more in this raised garden.

      Building Raised Garden Beds

  • Building raised garden beds help improve garden oil quality as it allows you to add compost soil and organic soil amendments. If you add soil amendments to in-ground beds, they may fall away in the absence of container to hold them. There are so many gardeners who want to improve their soil, and adding organic matter can be the right way to do so. These raised garden beds thaw quickly in spring which can be beneficial to getting your plants started!
  • If you think the whole process is too complicated and requires too much effort, then you can choose a reputed company like Anleolife Garden that offers high quality raised garden beds. A company with experience can offer designs that can help you get the raised gardens of your dreams. Look into companies using eco-friendly materials for the raised beds that do not affect the environment, too!


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