Tips from Anleolife Garden Bed: 11 Best Gardening Tools Ignored by Most Gardeners

Tips from Anleolife Garden Bed: 11 Best Gardening Tools Ignored by Most Gardeners

When it comes to making gardening easier, having a suitable work tool can make the world different. But what is the best gardening tool? Sometimes, the best tools are as simple as re -use what you already have. Or it seized a chance, the hand tool you saw in the seed directory year after year, after using it, you want to know how you have been gardener for so long. The following content also has some reference value for rasied garden beds.
In the simplest form, gardening is nothing more than putting seeds in the ground and watching it growing up. However, if you have tried the garden, you will know that it is not simple. The harsh weather, pests, plant diseases, soil deficiency and busy schedule together constitute the challenge of the average growth season.
Tools that help you solve each problem will greatly help to gain success.
Usually, when you find these types of lists on the Internet, they are full of stupid tools to fill someone's Amazon membership income. Just like the kitchen tools, many of the tools are eventually huge money waste. This is not the case here.
We have compiled a selected list of best gardening tools. These tools will make you more efficient and effective in the soil, and hope to be more pleasant.
And although yes, some of which are related to Amazon, but you don't have to buy them there. It is helpful to check the product and read the comments before buying locally.
You can check this list and find tools ignored in many garden centers over the years.

Usually, we ignore the simplest tools, but when we finally pick them up, we will be surprised to find that they improve our horticultural experience. I hope that even the experienced gardener can find something here to help your growth season.

1. Appropriate gloves
I know this seems obvious, but please listen to me.
I strongly advocate that your hands are caught in soil. As a society, we have become obsessed with cleaning. Put your hand on the ground will let you come into contact with various microorganisms and creatures. It is not only good for your immune system, but also a good way to build more connections with the mission (playing in the soil).
Having said that, some work requires a good garden glove, such as weeding. For many people, choosing gloves is more like the idea afterwards.
How many of us are absent -minded from the shelves and picked up a pair of gloves, without considering what we will do with them?
I know I feel guilty about it.
Before going to the store, please consider this seemingly unimportant tool. Ask yourself a few important questions:
Will I always wear gloves in the garden, or do I have a bare -handed fist most of the time?
Will I trim a spiny or thorny weeds or plants?
Does my glove need waterproof?
Do I want a glove to use ten years or a season?
Do I need a few gloves to complete different tasks?
Now, when facing their racks in the center of the garden, you can buy wise purchases.
2. One or two 5 gallon buckets
Yes, an ordinary old five gallon barrel is one of the best gardening tools. You may already have one that can be hung around. A five -gallon bucket is the best friend of the gardener.
Use 5 gallon barrels to:
Stay all manual tools and gloves.
Turn over and use it as a stool when weeding.
Use a bucket to transport weeds to compost piles or transport agricultural products to houses.
Fill water in the barrel and water the bottom of the plant with a cup, where they need.
Plant potatoes or other fruits and vegetables in your barrel.
3. Kneel or knee padding
When I was in the gardening, I refused to have a special tool to kneel for a long time. This has always been one of the things I told myself when I grow up. Using some fillers on my knees is like a confirmation of failure.
This is too stupid.
As the saying goes: "One ounce of prevention is better than one pound.
Many times, our gardener will commit crimes and put our body in a wink machine without expecting to prevent injuries. I mean, this is just a horticulture; after all, this is not like a full contact.
But this is still a difficult manner, you may hurt yourself, making the rest of the growing season painful. Every time you spend your gardening, spending time how we treat our bodies will help ensure the long -term future of playing in dirt.
When you kneel in the garden, you can use any number of things to protect your knees:
Kneeling pad
Horticultural knee center
A flat old pillow
Folding yoga or sports pad.
4. Heating seed pad
For the gardener that likes to start seedlings instead of buying seedlings from the nursery, germination may be rolling dice. Will it germinate or not germinate?
If you live in a cool climate, even if you start planting indoors, you may not be able to ensure the temperature you need to germinate successfully.
There are many seeds that need warm soil temperature and take a few weeks to germinate. Pepper is a good example. If you find that a few weeks have passed and nothing germinated, you may have to start again, but now you are closer to the growth season.
Enter the heated seed pad.
The seed pad is the electric heating pad you set under the seed tray, which can provide an appropriate amount of heat to heat the new seeds to ensure the success of germination. These bright small mats are usually the same as the starting tray size of the most common seeds, so they are close to them.
Once your seeds germinate, you can roll them up, hide it, and stay until next year.
Heating seed pads are a real game rule change for anyone who starts to plant at home. They are relatively cheap, each about $ 30, and the professional driving force provided by your family's childcare to start this season.
If you have been hesitating whether they are worthy of fuss -yes, they are.
5. Garden planner
I know that there are few experienced gardens do not write garden diaries or annual garden planners. In the growing season, it is easy to remember which plants perform well, which pests do you fight with and which side you grow in the garden.
However, when you plan the garden in the next spring, try to remember that all these things may be a difficult task.
Garden planners don't have to be fancy; even simple blank diaries can be. However, if you want to keep well and search for in the future, you may need to consider choosing planners specializing in gardening.
6. Sun hat
Look, I said it once. If you want to go to the gardening, you have to look at this part, which means wearing a sun hat. Generally speaking, the larger the pine Pan, the better. Believe me; it has nothing to do with the damage of ultraviolet rays to protect your skin and eyes.
No, this is a dress requirements.
I mean, of course, wearing a hat can make it easier to see the tomatoes when burning on the sky. Wearing a suitable hat can protect your neck from sunburn. A suitable sun hat can even protect you from the damage to rain, because you rush back to the house crazy.
There are many reasons and health reasons to wear a strong wide -edged sun hat during gardening, but these are not important. If you want to be a member of the club, you must wear a hat. If it is old and looks like someone is sitting on it, it will reward points.
Affiliated with a suitable sun hat means that you will never have Halloween clothing.
7. Hiroshima
This is one of the tools I have been ridiculed for many years. This is prepared for the "fancy" gardener. I am very satisfied with the trusted iron cricket and my old hoe. Not to mention it looks a bit scary, more like you will use hunting instead of things in the garden.
But then I was sent to me by someone who was obviously smarter than me and said they had been using them.
Despite myself, I kept reaching for this tool repeatedly at work.
This is the perfect shape of the excavation, so it works for my transplant holes. And because it is a knife after all, I can easily cut the hemp rope around the dried grass we bought. The tip of Horiko is also the perfect small row of sowing.
A good sword can replace many other handmade tools in the garden. If you keep sharp, you can even deal with more difficult trimming work.
In addition, there is an extra benefit, that is, when you are in the gardening, anyone will think twice.
8. Coating seeds or seed tape
If you have tried to plant lettuce or carrots in the fresh dark soil, then you will know where the little carrot seeds are finally gone, or do you try to plant one or six lettuce seeds in that hole in that hole How difficult it is.
Coated or granular seeds or seed tapes are answers.
This outstanding invention causes many gardener to avoid headaches to the young seeds.
A single seed is coated in an inert material, and when the seeds are germinated, it is dissolved in the soil, so it is easier to see and handle carrots, lettuce and other small seeds. Some seed companies may even use fertilizer and even the root of the root to cover the materials for seeds to cover the seeds to provide extra motivation for seeds.
Seed tape is exactly what it sounds, and it is even easier to use than granular seeds.
The seeds are evenly distributed between the two thin paper "tape" and sealed together. To plant seeds, cut or tear down the length of the seed belt with your row, and plant the seed belt in the correct depth. When plant germination, the tape fixed in place is dissolved.
Try coating seeds or seed tape this season. They are one of the best gardening tools that can save your eyes and rationality.
9. Spray rod
Of course, you can use the watering pot, bucket, and even watering directly from the hose, but the cannon combines all the best functions of these methods into a simple tool.
I know this does not seem to be the kind of tool that will have a great impact, but it is this simplicity that makes the water spray stick so outstanding.
If you still have delicate seeds waiting outside, what you don't want to do is spray them out with the re -spraying of the hose, and even the sprinkler of the watering pot will flush the seeds away. However, a water -spraying stick with fine fog is a perfect tool that keeps new sowing wet without impulse or affecting the soil.
When you need to water the basket or bucket, it means that a water spray stick means no longer need to lift the awkward and heavy cannon to the top of the head. The additional length provided by the water spray rod also makes it easier to water the bottom of the plant in the middle of the garden bed.
10. Special garden diversion
You may already have a single -wheel car, so it seems that you buy some types of carts for the garden. But let's face reality. If the single wheel is filled with new stones with firewood or lanes when you need it, it will not help you in the garden.
It is meaningful to equip the garden with a dedicated cart.
Garden carts are very suitable for dragging a lot of weeds to pile; it is very suitable for moving heavy soil bags, compost or potted mixtures. The harvest of pumpkin will not drag yourself to the porch.
If your garden is farther away from the house, the garden cart is one of the best gardening tools you can have. This means a trip to the garden at a time and returned to the house once. You can transport everything you need during a trip.
In addition, when you are not playing in the soil, this is a good way to organize all gardening tools.
11. Soil test kit
Speaking of fertilization, you may have read the importance of testing soil over and over again. But how long did you actually do? Be sure to pick up a few soil test kits every year. They are low in price, about $ 15 each, and provide you with rich information.
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