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What impresses this lady most about this Anleolife raised garden bed is the friendliness to gardeners with physical back problems. That's why the garden bed is called raised garden bed.

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6x3x2ft Oval Grey Raised Garden Bed

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New Jersey

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Hi I'm Shannon and I like to share gardening homesteading and cooking content on my page and this year I am adding a very special addition to my garden the very special edition going in my garden this year is this galvanized metal raised bed from anleolife. This bed is a 6X 3x2 raised bed and I am so so so excited to be able to fill it with all my garden goodies this year. One of the things I really like about this bed is you can sit down while working in it if you have someone that is not able to get outside and stand for long periods of time or get down on the ground. This raised bed is a great idea because I'm sitting in a regular camping chair right now and I am at a good height to be able to weed the garden bed to be able to pick any vegetables to be able to water,etc. If you're interested in purchasing this the link for it will be down below they have a couple different colors and a couple different sizes so check it out and purchase it if you would like we can fill it with all of our veggies together this year. If you're interested in how I'm going to fill this and what I'm going to fill this with stay tuned I will be sure to post plenty of videos on how I'm going to fill this with soil and what kind of vegetables I'm going to grow in here.

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What Is The Suitable Height for A Metal Raised Garden Bed?

If you are relatively healthy, a bed with a height of around 20 inches will be more suitable for you. This height can not only meet the growth needs of vegetables and flowers, but also make it easier for you to manage the plants on the bed. If your physical condition is not good, or if your metal garden bed is relatively large, a bed with a height of around 32 inches may be more suitable for you. This height allows you to easily manage the plants on the bed without bending down, reducing the burden on your body.

What can you harvest in a two-foot-deep raised garden bed?

You can grow just about anything you want in a two-foot-tall raised garden bed. Few plants really need two feet of depth for their roots, so the extra height is mostly just for the ease and convenience of the gardener. The closer a bed is to two feet, the easier it is to tend and harvest from your plants. You bend over from the waist and are at the plant's level. Garden work should be an enjoyable part of your daily routine, not a chore that hurts your knees and back.

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