Why are the garden beds open at the bottom? 

The bottom-less metal garden beds prevent waterlogging. The plants will have access to nutrients at the surface soil level.

Can I place beds on hard surfaces like concrete?

If you're placing your bed on pavers, concrete, tiles, or anything you don't want to stain, we recommend using a bed liner or geotextile fabric.

To use, place your raised bed in position, then place the fabric on the bottom of the bed from the inside. Run excess fabric up each side and then fill your bed with soil. The fabric allows water to drain freely, but keeps soil from touching your surface.

Can the clip on safety strip handle freezing temps?

Yes, it is designed to withstand freezing winter temperatures.

Do i need support brackets in the middle ?

The 8x4x2ft oval-shaped beds, as well as the smaller ones, are rock-solid and stable, requiring no additional support in the center. As for the rectangular ones and 12ft long ovals, they come equipped with brackets and bracing rods for that extra safety and durability.

Will have to worry about leakage into the soil?

No. Our galvanized beds do not leak into the soil. The coating is permanent and will not harm the earth nor plants.

Being outdoors and made of metal, will it rust?

No, our stable frame are made of corrugated steel coated with a special zinc-aluminum alloy which makes it rust-resistant!

How long will the garden beds last outdoors?

Anleolife Metal raised garden beds are made of galvanized steel coated with a powder-coating which is durable in all weather conditions. 0.8mm corner panels, 0.6mm side panels make our metal garden beds solid and sturdy to last for many years.

Are they safe to grow food in?

Yes! Anleolife Metal Raised Garden Beds are made from galvanized steel and then further powder-coated with a non-toxic paint. Neither the paint nor the metal itself will leach anything harmful into your soil.

Will the beds get too hot in the summer or hot climates?

No, they won't, for a few reasons:

  1. The superior reflectivity of the material keeps most of the heat from ever passing through into the soil.
  2. The bulk of soil within the bed quickly absorbs and dissipates heat from the thin, but strong stainless steel edges.
  3. Compared to standard wooden, concrete, or plastic beds - especially if made from a dark color or material

Our garden beds outperform other garden beds in maintaining even and cool soil temperature.

Why don’t we use edge adhesive strips? Is it safe to handle the edges?

Our approach to product design and manufacturing is distinct. Unlike some other methods that involve adhesive strips on the edges, which may fall off within one or two years, our process focuses on creating smooth curled edges with seamless, integrated design. We prioritize the safety use of our products, eliminating the necessity for additional adhesive strips.

How is the raised garden bed packaged? Is it wrapped in protective film?

Our bed is packaged in thin foam sheet and plastic wrap - not clad in plastic film that requires to be peeled off before assembly. It is more environmentally friendly and can save you much time on removing protective film. The plastic corners, where most panels easily get bent during shipping are on the boxes to prevent shipping damage and keep the integrity. We ensure you a most Intact product.

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