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It is rainy today, so the family has to set up the sturdy raised garden bed on the porch. But they will move the assembled bed to a nice site later. And something about drainage for a raised bed is shared in the end.

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8x4x1.5ft Rectangular Grey Raised Garden Bed

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So uh I'm going to show her how the garden we're going to set up a flower like a raised flower garden bed, so come watch us do that. rainy now so we're going to do this on the porch, however it's supposed to be relatively easy so I'm not worried look how many screws there are oh no I'm going to save this cardboard so we can lay it at the bottom of the garden bed so that the weeds won't come up through Cus you can't tell I've been watching a lot of gardening TikToks rest you may be wondering why we're not saving this for a sunny day, however it's April and with April April Showers we don't have a lot of rainy days here in Pennsylvania. You whatever she may be his twin but she's a mama's girl what are you doing we're in flipflops and it's 40°. I'm excited two pieces down three to go four to go and I are going to try and get all the the compost and cardboard boxes and stuff laid down while he's at work this week so at least we'll be helping somewhat. Our neighbor walked outside and is now watching us and I feel uncomfortable we're going inside because the he's cold so I finished putting it together and now we're going to move it to the backyard. Oh this is easy to move and now it's done and on the day when it's not raining I will show you the progress on when we put the boxes down when we put the compost down and finally when we plant the vegetables thanks for watching.

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Choose a Good Site for Your Metal Raised Bed for better drainage.

The first step is to choose a good site for your metal raised garden bed. When choosing the ideal site for your raised bed, you will want to look at a few things:

1.the type of soil that will be under the raised bed

2.the amount of sunlight exposure in that area

3.the drainage pattern in the yard

4.Dig into the yard in a few places and see what type of soil you have. If it is sandy, it may drain well without any additional work. If it is heavy clay, it will hold moisture and will not drain as quickly.

Choose a spot where the soil is sandy and loose, which will allow it to drain better. Remember: for the water to drain out of the bottom of the raised bed, it has to go into the soil below!

Also, wait for a sunny day and see where the shady spots are in the yard. You will want to avoid those shady spots. Remember: trees that are bare in the winter will block out lots of sunlight when their leaves come out in the spring. Think ahead before choosing a site for your raised bed – keep it away from trees that will provide too much shade!

Finally, take a look at your yard after a heavy rainstorm. Are there any areas where water is pooling up? If so, avoid those places for your raised bed!

If water is pooling up all over the yard after a storm, you might need to install a drainage system before you put in your raised bed.

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