Anleolife Garden Focus: A true-hearted review video from our lovely customer

Anleolife Garden Focus: A true-hearted review video from our lovely customer

A wise gardener would think and move ahead of time as our happy customer did---Although his garden has almost accomplished now at the end of September,he is actively getting  prepared for the year to come by taking in new metal raised garden bed  and  other things such as compost ready to go.Let's take a look at what he did in details:

If you are considering purchase of new metal raised garden beds in your garden for the next year, this may be kind of help for your decision. And the following is what he said:

Okay, so we are just finishing up the assembly of this raised flower bed. This one was sent to me at no charge for this review and what you have are four side panels and then you have six of your outside rounded panels to make it 70 inches long, 35 inches wide,and 24 inches deep. So, we're at the end of the growing season and I don't know if you can see behind me but all of my tomato plants are dying out because we are at the end of September and so what we're going to do with this for the remainder of the year is take it over into main garden and we're going to use this for our compost. It's going to help to keep it all compact and in one place and then it's also going to keep it from spreading out and allow me to flip it every now and again to keep that compost cooking. So,getting ready to finish up. Now, they do give you all the hardware to assemble this. Uh couple of things that I did notice with this is that you got wing nuts and you got machine bolts and on some of these machine bolts, there was still some burs on there so it's a little bit difficult to get wing nuts started on here but you want to make sure that your wing nut is on the inside and your bolt head is on the outside they do also give you a little screwdriver they do also give you a little screwdriver but if you use a screwdriver for all of these screw heads it's going to take you forever so what I did was just grab myself an electrical cordless drill and then I just hold on to the wing nut and I tighten it with the drill. It goes so much faster that way.

Okay, so what we're going to do now is going to take two of us to pick this up, carry it over into the garden, and we'll pick up the video there. Alright, so we're going to get this filled up with compost. Like I said, we're at the end of the season. So, my garden is just finishing up. We've taken all the plants down. We put them in for compost with our table scraps. By next year, this raised flower bed is going to be ready to go. Compost is going to be ready to go and this is going to be just an ideal situation. Um it's pretty deep. So, when you're when you're planting this, I certainly wouldn't fill the whole thing with dirt. I would. If it was me, I'd put something a good base at bottom and then about halfway up I would start filling up with with your compost and with your dirt and then your seeds and this is going to be this going to be perfect for a couple tomato plants a couple of or maybe a couple pepper plants I wouldn't overload this maybe this would even be best for for flowers or for herbs and spices super nice so if you're looking for a good sturdy raised garden bed you really didn't take all that long to put together going to be nice and sturdy hold everything together this is one that I would recommend.



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