Guidelines & Terms For Your Videos

1. Original content: All videos must be original and used only by Anleolife Garden exclusive of other brands. The content of the video must be closely relevant with gardening life and our products you are using.

2. Appointed topics: For applicants who get a new Anleolife garden bed the videos should at least cover 3 scenes including unboxing and installation of our garden beds/daily care or special event on planting/ final harvesting scenery or activity. (So 3 videos from you is the minimum request, but more videos are greatly welcomed.)

3. Length: A video is best between 2-5 minutes in length providing sufficient content on the topic being covered.

4. Crafted editing: High-quality videos related to the topic are encouraged and can help them to be selected on our website and social media channels as well as higher reward.

5. The videos sent to us are also required to be shared on the applicants’ own websites and social media channels.