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You would never imagine how many types of plants can be grown in such this oval raised garden bed, Anleolife's best seller. This creative mom was experimenting the possibility of utilizing a raised bed to its maximum. Let's see how she made it.

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8x4x2ft Oval Grey Raised Garden Bed

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Hey Garden friends let's check out this beautiful bed from Anleolife. First of all look how tall it is. It's a big in now when I was filling this uh I did not take into account when it settled so I do have to refill it when the seasons change I've got some Ranunculus in here I've got some oh I just knocked the bird bath over I've got Ranunculus, I've got some poppies Mero lettuce some more Ranunculus more poppies. Those are carrots over there Linda's baby doia got some tot soy and More Beautiful Ranunculus more Mero lettuce I fit so much food and flowers into this bed it's kind of unreal honestly lots more carrots there's some chamomile in here that's starting so when these get to be about 80°consistently um these will go ahead and piece out and after that uh the tiny little Zenas that I planted over there and in here as well will get big enough and they'll kind of take over but I have carrots around the outside of this big bed and and then I have the chamomile and then I have a few uh different types of Greens in here but yeah look how beautiful this thing is I fit so much in here and it will make weeding really easily because of how tall it is I don't really have to bend over that much so for somebody like me it's pretty rad I do have to thin a lot of things I'm a chaos Gardener I just kind of throw it all together and then I in it later.

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How to Maximize Your Growing Space with Anleolife Raised Garden Bed?

People who are new to gardening or have limited space may find it difficult to grow lots of tasty produce. Can anyone have a garden anywhere? YES! Growing more in less space by densely planting in squares can make it come true, which is called square-foot garden (SFG). The whole benefit of square foot gardening arises from the use of a rigid grid to divide the garden up. The grid is a positive control on the way you could work your garden and plant your seeds.

This planting method was developed by American author Mel Bartholomew in the 1970s. It's a simple way to create easy-to-manage gardens with raised garden beds that need a minimum of time spent maintaining them. With the square-foot gardening method, you plant in 4x4-foot blocks instead of traditional rows. Different crops are planted in different blocks according to their size; for example, 16 radishes in one square foot, or just one cabbage per square foot. A lattice is laid across the top to clearly separate each square foot.

Mel Bartholomew found the average gardener was spending hours weeding the big gaps between long rows of plants, creating unnecessary work for themselves. It soon became clear that getting rid of rows and using intensive deep-beds could dramatically cut the amount of maintenance the garden required. Add a one-foot square grid on top and it became easy to space and rotate crops.

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