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She is obsessed with growing flowers in plastic planters until she meets Anleolife round metal raised garden bed. She loves the antique white color but can't decide what to grow in it, flowers again or vegetable for a new try?

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4x1.5ft Round White Raised Garden Bed

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Annual flowers that blooming in your garden.

Keep in mind that continuous planting means planting every two to four weeks to keep the same flowers in the garden plot or container garden. We compiled a selection list of annual flowers that bloom throughout the year.

Let these suggestions guide and help you create the ideal look of your house in the summer. Here is a list of annuals that will bloom at home throughout the summer.

Begonia tuberosa

Begonia nodosa is a bright flower, which adds a lot of beauty to the surrounding environment. The flowers are layered like roses, adding a classic look to your garden plot. However, we must plant these Begonia as soon as possible. In most cases, tubers should be planted in February, so the plants will start flowering in June and continue to fall.

These plants thrive in sun filtered areas and are ideal for adding color to the darker corners of the yard or terrace. Begonia tuberosa likes the sunshine in the morning and really needs well drained soil.


The daisy is hard to miss because of its beautiful layered flowers and bright color choices. If you need a way to light up the landscape in the yard, please do not neglect the daisy. These gorgeous flowers grow best in sunny areas. If they grow in a warm climate, they can bloom in some sunshine. In very warm areas, it is wise to provide afternoon shade for these flowers. Ensure that there is fertile soil and sufficient drainage at their growth location.

If proper care and growth conditions are provided, you can expect the daisy to bloom about two months after planting. This flower may need to be planted continuously to maintain continuous flowering from midsummer to September.


Changchun flower is the flower of hills, which can create dense leaves and small and colorful flowers. These flowers produce a simple and elegant appearance.

Therefore, if you want to keep the landscape in the traditional aspect, this may be a good choice for you. Changchun flower grows best in the sunny and well drained loam area. You should expect to see the flowers from the beginning of summer to the first autumn frost.

Sweet Alisum

Do you want to plant a flower that creates traditional leaves and small clusters of flowers? This may be the right plant for you. Sweet Sophora flavescens is a tolerant plant, because it can grow in a variety of soil types.

However, it is important to provide soil that is always wet and well drained. If enough conditions are provided, sweet alysum should blossom all summer. Some varieties are even frost resistant and will bloom in spring and autumn.

Gazelle Walleriana

There are many kinds of impala. This option is an original variety from Africa. It is used to make different variations of this flower. If you want to plant the original, please do not ignore this option, its small green leaves and colorful flowers.

This plant blooms from June to the first autumn frost, producing lavender, orange, white, pink and multi-color colors. Be sure to provide well drained soil and complete to partial shade for these flowers.

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