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Rectangular Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed (Grey)

Rectangular Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed (Grey)

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1 pc (8ft x 4ft x 1.5ft)

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Love the look and how sturdy this raised planter is. It is well built and it’s easily assembled.” — Mariac

Long-Lasting Galvanized Steel 

Made with thick, galvanized steel which is more durable, long-lasting, and rust-resistant in all weather conditions. So you can enjoy great looking garden beds for years to come.

Raised, Bottomless Design

Raised to keep critters out and be easier on your back, and bottomless for good drainage and easy access to nutrients at the surface soil level. So you get deeper roots and healthier plants!

Quick and Easy Assembly

Receive ready-to-assemble, with all tools included, and have your garden bed set up in 45 minutes or less so you can start gardening right away. Plus a free pair of gloves!


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Our Process


Anleolife is dedicated to developing durable, high quality gardening products. Our in-house R&D team is obsessed with creating the best products at an efficient cost.

Us (Metal)

  • Durable galvanized steel lasts 7x longer than wood or plastic
  • Reflective material for heat dissipation (keep plants cool)
  • Anti-corrosion, 100% non-toxic, and doesn’t rot or shrink
  • Easy setup with ready-made, modular pieces, with hand friendly crimped edges

Them (Wood)

  • Fast deterioration and shorter lifespan especially in humidity and rain
  • Salvaged wood can contain toxic, contaminating substances and plants
  • Rots, shrinks and starts to look tired quickly
  • Require high maintenance and upkeep to prevent issues


How long will the garden beds last outdoors?


Anleolife metal raised garden beds are made of galvanized steel coated with a powder-coating which makes it rust-resistant and durable in all weather conditions. 0.8mm corner panels, 0.6mm side panels make our metal garden beds solid and sturdy to last for many years.

Do metal raised garden beds get too hot in the summer or in hot climates?


Not at all! It's true, most metal will heat in the sun. But the superior reflectivity of the material keeps most of the heat from ever passing through into the soil. Also, damp soil is a miraculous cooling agent for the hot metal. As a general rule, your vegetable garden or flower planter won't become too hot, especially if you're watering consistently. Because metal can conduct some heat, the soil which is immediately against the sides of the raised bed may be warmer than the center of the bed. This is actually beneficial, especially in the spring. The soil in raised beds warms up more quickly than the ground does, enabling you to start that vegetable garden even earlier. Your young plants will appreciate the warmer soil on their roots!In mild climates, a metal raised garden bed can help you to maintain a more consistent soil temperature year-round, provide good drainage of excess water, and more. The rigid, sturdy material will provide a good base for a cold frame over plants you're overwintering. And when using soaker hoses, these beds can maintain moisture extremely well. Anleolife garden beds outperform other garden beds in maintaining even and cool soil temperature.

Can I place beds on hard surfaces like concrete?


If you're placing your bed on pavers, concrete, tiles, or anything you don't want to stain, we recommend using a bed liner or geotextile fabric.To use, place your raised bed in position, then place the fabric on the bottom of the bed from the inside. Run excess fabric up each side and then fill your bed with soil. The fabric allows water to drain freely, but keeps soil from touching your surface.

Do I need support brackets in the middle?


No. 24" gauge steel panels are thicker than most of our competitors. Due to the thickness of the panels, no support bracket is necessary.

Why are the garden beds open at the bottom?


The bottomless metal garden beds prevent waterlogging. The plants will have access to nutrients at the surface soil level.