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Stretchable LED Grow Light 730W Silver

Stretchable LED Grow Light 730W Silver

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  • 【UNIQUE EXTEND-RETRACT DESIGN】 freely adjusting the light coverage area to suit different plants in different growth stages. Free of install, plug and play, suitable for multiple lighting application.
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY & HIGH YEILD】1860pcs Samsung LM281B+ Pro diodes, feature a scientific layout, together with advanced driver, excellent optical uniformity, offers long-lasting high efficiency, PPE up to 2.732umol/j. Max yield 3.0g/w.
  • 【OPTIMAL FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT】 consist of cool white 5000K + warm white 3000K + red 660nm, and equipped with a dimming knob with 4 levels of light intensity ranging from 0% (off), to 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, providing the ideal lighting for plants at every stage.
  • 【ULTIMATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL】 patented thermodynamics self-circulating cooling system, reduces temperature by 30% more than similar products. No fan, no noise, no extra cooling cost, saving your energy bill.
  • 【LESS WEIGHT & MORE FASHION】Anodised aluminum board with good scratch-resistance, static-free. Lightweight structure, 30% weight less than products of same size. IP65-rated water&dust proof, ensuring safety and reliability. Ultra long lifespan of 54,000+ hours, with 3-year warranty.

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  • Unique Extend-retract Design: Freely adjustable light bar spacing to suit different plant growth stages.
  • Uses Samsung LM301H EVO and LM281B+Pro LEDs, achieving a market-leading 2.7~2.9 µmol/J PPE.
  • Delivers a maximum yield of 2.5~2.8g/W, outperforming similar lamps by increasing yield and average PPFD by 20%.
  • Features warm white 3000K, white 5000K, and red 660nm LEDs for natural sunlight resemblance.
  • Offers 4-level dimming (0, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) for different growth stages.
  • Designed with efficient heat dissipation and IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring durability.
  • Boasts an ultra-long lifespan of 54000+ hours, backed by a 3-year warranty.


  • Fixed frame, cannot be adjusted to cover different areas for various plants and growth stages.
  • Likely lower PPE, yield, and PPFD compared to our LED grow light.
  • May not offer the same spectrum versatility or dimming options for adjusting light intensity.
  • Might lack advanced temperature control features and efficient heat dissipation mechanisms.
  • May not have the same level of durability or waterproof rating, potentially leading to shorter lifespan in moist environments.
  • May come with shorter warranty periods or limited warranty coverage compared to our product.

Grow Light FAQs

What type of dimmer do you use on your Grow Lights?


The dimmer used in our LED Grow Light is ''Tri-mode dimming", which is a common LED dimming method that integrates three different dimming techniques into one, typically resistor dimming, PWM dimming, and 0-10V dimming. This design allows LED lights to adjust brightness using various dimming methods to meet different scene and application requirements. 

Is the dimmer in your Light compatible with AC Infinity controllers?


In general, Tri-mode dimming, which we used in our Grow Light, is compatible with AC Infinity controllers, but it depends on the specifications and compatibility of the AC Infinity controller. It's best to consult the manual of the AC Infinity controller or contact the manufacturer to ensure its compatibility with Tri-mode dimming. This can help avoid potential compatibility issues and ensure your equipment functions properly.

How far away should I have my plants from your Stretchable LED Grow Lights?


The optimal distance between your plants and the Stretchable LED Grow Lights can vary depending on several factors including the specific type of plants, the growth stage of the plants, and the intensity of the light. However, as a general guideline, you typically want to hang the LED grow lights at a distance of around 12 to 24 inches above the tops of your plants.  Please find the most suitable hanging height by combining the PPFD chart of the Grow Light with the growth stage of your plants.

Does the Grow Light emit excess heat, and if so, is additional cooling required, especially used inside a tent?


The bar-style Grow Light design and aluminum heat sinks contribute to better airflow, hot and cold self-circulating ventilation system on both sides with honeycomb holes design for efficient heat dissipation. No need of extra cooling. But good ventilation is necessary when growing plants. You may need to install a ventilation fan for this purpose, when planting inside the tent.

Is the LED grow light suitable for all stages of plant growth (seedling, vegetative, flowering)?


Yes, our LED Grow Light features advanced full spectrum with warm white (3000K), cool white (5000K), and red (660nm) LEDs, simulating natural sunlight. The 4-level dimming knob (0(off), 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) allows you to adjust light intensity for different growth stages.

Are there any specific mounting requirements for the LED Grow Light?


Nope. All the essential hanging ropes are included in the package. You just need to make sure mounting the Light securely to a stable surface or frame to prevent accidents or damage. And the lightweight bar structure ensures easy installation, providing a plug-and-play solution for your convenience.